Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'll Do Anything For A Date Night With My Husband

You know you want it. A night away with no kids. A chance to have nothing else to do but stare at each other and whisper sweet nothings. Cranberry juice flowing freely, and breakfast served to you in the morning.....

yup. That's what I'm talking about. My parents had 4 of the kids at our house. Chris' parents had 2 at their house, and Chris and I had a night we'd never forget.....

Did I mention that it was in the hospital where I thought I was going into labour only to find out that once I got there everything slowed down?


So yes, we spent Monday night "away together", me sort of sleeping on the hospital bed, and him sort of sleeping on a recliner. Most excellent. They let us go home in the morning, for which I was grateful. I did not want them thinking they should induce me or anything. And that is when we had breakfast served to us at our favourite breakfast restaurant. The wonderful husband knew the discouraged wife could use some toast and peameal bacon and a good cup of tea to help her cheer up.

Now today contractions are picking up again, and so with great reservation I am wondering "is *this* the day?".....sigh. This is very different from previous babies. I always knew by how things started and progressed that "it was the day". After our little false alarm on Monday I'm a wee gun shy to say "for sure, this is it".

And of course along with that thought comes the conflicting emotions of joy, fear, exhaustion, exhilaration, pain, relief.... Do I remember how to do this? Will it all go okay? Is there some way I can just fast forward to the part where I hear that wee baby cry and hold him/her for the first time? (I mean is there a way to skip it without having a ton of drugs pumped into me?)

And so we wait....and wonder....and dream....I'll try to post an update here at some point, but don't expect it too soon. I'm not that much of a keener.

Thanks for your prayers!

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