Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Miss Happy Dance

This is so vain. Brace yourself for a seriously useless post.

I have lost 2 pounds.

(Cue trumpet fanfare.)

Yes I know that weight is not the be all end all. Yes I know that I can be fat and happy or skinny and grumpy. Good. Thanks for reminding me. Still...

I am a wee bit tired of people saying "You look so good for having 7 kids" (read: compared to all the women who get outrageously fat after having several children you don't look so bad). And I'm a wee bit tired of people giving me hand me downs of their "fat clothes"....where's the Love? If you are going to give them to me, for goodness sake don't TELL me they are your fat clothes (yikes).

So I'm working on it. I've been doing the Lord's Table and really don't use me as the poster child or measuring stick of the success of the study. Really. When I say "I'm doing the study" what I mean is "I'm answering the questions on line" but beyond that I'm not so much gettin' it.

What I'm most thankful for is the kick in the pants that Matt and Kate gave Chris and I on Sunday. They had us for lunch with their remarkably beautifully family (who deserve a post of their own) and served us "Food by God" as they called it. This is how we used to eat: real food, not processed junkola. Salads, veggies, cheeses, olives, nuts, seeds, yum yum yum yum yum. Colours like the rainbow, textures like....okay help me out with that one, fresh and lightly dressed with the most scrumptious of vinagrettes....mmmmmmmm.

We used to always eat with our plate full of veggies except for a small portion of protein and/or starch. Over the last few years that portion of starch and/or protein (usually in the form of beans/legumes around here) has been increasing .... and what do you know, so has our waist lines!

Most likely it has not been what I've been eating but how much, or in what proportion. So we are back at it. Not mental legalistic like we used to where I'd feel guilty for wanting and eating Taco Bell, but just smarter about what my body actually will enjoy and use the best.

So wouldn't it be nice if I could shed these 30-40 pounds by Christmas (40 might actually be ridiculous, we'll see) and get back to pre-baby Barbie like I once was?

That was fun to say: Pre-baby Barbie. Say it a few times today. It will make you smile :-)

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