Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

I'm almost embarrassed to post this video today. But it is all this gal's fault. She was all talkin' NKOTB memories, which made me think of this 5 minute bit of brilliance from my youth.

So now that I've alluded to the fact that I too loved NKOTB way back when, let me also confess that I totally loved (ahem) Janet Jackson. Not "wardrobe malfunction" Janet. Janet when she was so good everyone forgot who her brother was. I'm talking about her mini-movie "Rhythm Nation". Yes I owned it...on VHS. Yes I regret throwing it out. But hurray for youtube! Now I can share one of my favourite grade nine memories with you.

My friend Crystal and I spent countless hours pausing and rewinding and playing in 'slow speed' this song to get all the dance moves. We tried. Really we did. The highly pitiful truth is that while I was playing this video today, I still remembered some of the moves. Crystal and I actually had a fair bit of it down and, while a crowd gathered spontaneously in a circle around us, we would do it at school dances. Or die trying. Die laughing trying.

We were so dedicated we even did the chair bit at the end of the song. Oh if only my parents hadn't insisted on buying solid wood chairs we could have got it. None of our chairs were light enough to flip around like they do on the video.

Now you all know that deep down inside I have always wanted to be a dancer. Not like ballet, but one of those cool "I dance behind a famous person in a video" kind of dancers.

Yes, my hair used to be that big.

No, I will not bust any of these moves on the platform at church.

Yes, I will be pausing youtube and trying to learn these steps all over.

No, you cannot come and watch. Unless you want to join me. Then that would be thoroughly life altering.


Kate said...

lets relearn it together and mortify our children and have a really really good laugh!!!!

halfpint said...

She's awesome. Watching people like that makes me want to boogie. It almost makes me think I can too. Too bad osmosis doesn't work through viewing.I get to 'bust a move' this week-end. A lovely couple at our church. Our 12th anniv. is the next day. A good time to reminisce......