Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays -- New Year Edition

Welcome to the first Wednesday in 2010! (Have we decided yet? Is it 2 Thousand 10 or Twenty-Ten? Just wondering.)

Hard to imagine that all the things that happened over the Christmas holidays are only a week and a half behind me, when they already feel like another lifetime. There are several blog-worthy events upon which to report. I will hopefully get to that this week. I have a funny thing, a touching thing, an 'inspirational' thing, a Holy Spirit thing...could be a good week! (assuming I actually find the time to blog. Perhaps you should leave a comment below telling me which story you want to hear first and I'll do them in that order!)

Now, onto WWW. This song came across my laptop many months ago and I was very stirred by it. Yet, somehow it never seemed the "right time" to post it. Today is the day! What better way to set our focus for 2010 than to focus on the holiness and majesty of our beautiful Lord.

My favourite verse in this song is the one that talks about the awestruck wonder that comes at the mere mention of the name that is above all names. Think about that: what reaction do you have at the name of Jesus? Be honest. What do you feel when you come here and read about Jesus, or when you hear the name mentioned. Think about that. What does your reaction to His name say about your heart and your thoughts and your priorities. Fuel for thought, indeed. I'll be checking my heart too.

I love this, and I hope you will as well.

Revelation Song led by Kari Jobe.


Joy said...

Woah. Literally. I'm shaking. This was amazing! LOVE the song... LOVE the focus for 2010... it's incredible! My goosebumps hurt! :)

Barbara said...

I know! How hard is it to keep your hands down or not just lay on your face? He is good. He is holy. I love it. I knew you'd love this song. (plus she has the neatest tunic/pants thing goin' on!) :-)

Joy said...

I think I may have already figured out the chords... ;)
I have to agree about her tunic/pants! :) Hahaha... you and I are so much alike!

Wendy said...

Hmmm. I vote Holy Spirit or inspirational first...then, of course, funny. :)