Friday, July 2, 2010

Foodie Fridays

This week is audience participation time. Don't be frightened. It will be really easy!

I was talking to my eldest girly here about what I should post for Foodie Friday. This being delicious summer time I was thinking about all the fantastic salads and BBQ's awaiting us. Is there any easier way to cook? While my man is grilling up some yummy anything on the BBQ, I put together what is the freshest and ripest from the garden and call it "Salad".

I'm of the school of thought that salad shouldn't be complicated. It hardly needs a recipe. There are very few veggies that go poorly together, so you can't really lose. However, I also am a big fan of putting together just the right flavours and textures to make a brilliant plateful of salady goodness. Soup and salad: my two favourite things in the world to dream up.

So here is my request of you: please leave a comment for all our benefit with your favourite salad recipe or favourite salad ingredients (if you don't have a real recipe per se). Also, for 'bonus points' leave us a comment about your favourite thing on the BBQ. If you can be specific about name brands of products, please do!

I'll start: One of my favourite things on the barbie is Grilled Eggplant Sandwiches. Slice an eggplant in to "not too thick, not too thin" slices lengthwise, brush with olive oil sprinkle with fresh basil and grill on both sides until it is browning, softened and gorgeous. Beside that, grill some sliced, sweet onion rounds. Then make into a glorious sandwich by layering the eggplant, onions, a good mustard and maybe a thin slice of perfect tomato on rye bread. Seriously. Yum.

Salad? I love that broccoli salad. You know the one: broccoli, cauliflower, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, old cheddar, bacon bits, in a light mayo dressing. So.good.

Your turn! Can't wait to read your responses! Yay for Bar-B-Q season!


Lauren Conley said...

Broccoli Salad is also one of my favourites (as we discussed on Tuesday). However, a Spinach Salad with hardboiled eggs, bean sprouts, red onions, mushrooms and yellow peppers with a nice creamy poppyseed dressing is also wonderful. Or Greek...mmm Greek. (the salad, not the language).

Rhi said...

mmm! I'm really big into avacado right now. Especially in salads. :) It makes a salad go a lot further in the day (as in... I don't get hungry again 1 hour later:) )

Barbara said...

I'm a big fan of avocado. Diced on chili is divine. Diced on a salad,....mushed into a dressing. Thinning out a good guacomole with some olive oil makes a good salad dressing! yum! And Spinach salad is fab, but I'll pass on the hard-boiled egg part :-)