Saturday, April 28, 2007


I'm into deep thoughts today. Are you ready? I know it is Saturday afternoon and my brain should be mush, but I just drank a French Vanilla Cappucino so I'm having a lucid moment. I actually have 2 deep thoughts (shocking!) but I will save the other one for Monday (ooh...cliff hanger). But seriously, here is some good Fuel.

My wee daughter has not been receiving passing grades in the sleep department of late. She is 10 months old and really should be a stellar sleeper according to her past track record, and what I've experienced in our other children. Alas, it is not so. The last few weeks have seen me up with her in the middle of the night, often more than once. Sometimes I feed her and tuck her back in, other times I let her try to settle back in on her own. Either way the next night is the same. And either way, I am exhausted. In the day time she cries herself to sleep, only to wake up early from her nap. As I am crying out to the Lord and confessing sins and seeking out why the Lord is trying to get my attention with this lack of sleep, my husband, very practically and logically, says "I think she is over tired. I think she needs shorter wake times, and more naps."

Being an obedient, submissive, and clearly out of ideas of my own, kind of wife, I try it. And wouldn't you know it....he was right. (as usual). All she needed was more rest.

Did you hear that? Ah, the moment of truth. So this is what the Lord was trying to tell me. This is what He was getting my attention for. Dear girl, all you need is to rest in Me.

I've been loving this post and have read it several times now. Mrs.Pages seems to know my heart and my need for a waiting, resting spirit.

As I was praying about my baby's sleep and the message the Lord might have for me, I fell asleep and had a dream full of frustration, temper, and discontent on my part. At some point in the dream, a friend of mine looked at me and said "You know, things would go better for you if you didn't always have to be in control."

Ah yes. Back to the control issue. Lord, help me to rest in You, to trust in Your ways, to wait for Your timing, and to keep my hands folded in my lap with self-control as I let You handle all the stuff in my life.

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