Monday, May 5, 2008

Crazy, but in a wonderful kind of way.

Today my house saw 17 children and 4 women eating, playing, and fellowshiping all at the same time.


Yes, I invited Kristina and Joy over and our good friend Blogless Karen. Sadly Karen couldn't come for lunch but she did come for tea and playtime afterwards. Thank goodness for a warm, dry day where the kids could play outside. From the reports my kids have given it was a raving success and all parties are eager for the next time.

But about that....we had the great idea last summer to put in a sandbox. And you know, it is a BIG hit with kids of all ages. I'm thrilled it gets used and appreciated as much as it does.

Still, it is a bit unnerving to me that after I swept and swiffered and used a wet cloth (while on my hands and knees) and then my husband swiffered and hands and knees again, my dining room chairs still make a real horrible noise when they are pushed in or pulled out. How do I describe the noise? Kind of like sandpaper....oh wait IT IS LIKE SANDPAPER!!!


We had already scratched our laminate floor last summer because of said chairs and said sandpaper. I didn't examine the floor too closely today because I just don't want to know. And I kind of don't care. It is all just stuff.

All in all it was a fabulous time and we need to do it again. But next time I'll remember not to put up the white towels in the bathroom when I tell my kids to wash up before supper :-) Hurray for Bleach!

P.S. I am reading Eats, Shoots and Leaves by Lynne Truss right now, and it is WONDERFUL. Yet, it has slightly paralized me in my blogging. What to do with commas? I always thought I over used them (particularly the Oxford Comma) but now I KNOW I do, and am crippled with the fear of disappointing some of you punctuation sticklers (Mike, Kristina and Jeremy....see that time I did NOT use an Oxford Comma, but perhaps I should have. Free prize to someone who knows what I'm talking about without googling it.)

Have a wonderful night! I'm sure after a day like today we will all sleep soundly here (except for the odd teaspoon of sand that materializes in the kids' beds out of odd and unexpected crevices).

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