Monday, August 18, 2008

O Barbara Where Art Thou

Sorry for the dearth of blog posts around here. I'd love to say it is because I've been busy playing with my children outside and gardening and welcoming the new neighbours to our block. Sadly no. I've just been watching the summer scamper through my life. I keep saying "In July I'm going to organize my units for the fall and in August I'll buy whatever last little bit of stuff I need to fill in the gaps."

Guess what. IT IS AUGUST!!! Over half way through in fact. I had kind of meant to start school on Monday (as in the 25th) but since all of my books are in boxes waiting for life to regain some normalcy after our getting new carpet (hurray! I have the best hubby in the world!) that start date might get pushed back a bit.

Still, I am intended on becoming a whole lot more regular around here. I'm slowly moving over all my old posts so if you have a favourite oldie you may find it in my archives.

The sadest part about moving over here though is that I can't (read: don't know how) to move over all your comments and that for me is the best part. So I may need to cut and paste a bit of what you've said over the years in to a Word Document just for my own pleasure.

See you soon. I promise!


MrPages said...

Nice looking place!

We miss your blogging too! We should have some sort of pact where we have to post regularly.

...or maybe I'll go play another game of Ladder Golf with the kids.

One of those, anyway.

Jessica said...

I'm glad you didn't fizzle out of the blogsphere... and I'm loving the new layout.. very you!
Keep writing cause I'll keep reading you!
Much love from across the Atlantic!

Mike Wilkins said...

Ah yes. Pretty as can be!

Kate said...

I'm so glad you're back! I was beginning to think you'd stopped altogether and that would have made me feel very uncool. I hate being left out of anything! :) Plus I just love you and love reading everything you write!

Jeremy W. Johnston said...

I really, really like the blue background. Very pretty.