Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Oh I hate when I haven't blogged for a whole week and I have two Wow-ful videos back to back.

Good, so now that I have had my daily dose of blog guilt let me intro the video.

This isn't really the song I would have wanted to post by this spectacular woman. I really wanted to post Good Mother, but haven't yet found a version of it I like. (do you know who sings that title? So exciting!)

However, I'm sure you've felt like this some days. That you want to find someplace where no one knows you. There is definitely a "run-away gene" deeply rooted in me. When I was in University, I was making some fairly lousy life-choices. I was not being who I wanted to be and who I knew I could be/ought to be. So I had this dream that it would just be easier to save up my Tim Horton's tip money and fly out to BC. Why BC? Because I'd never been there, and no one knew me, and I could just try again.

Well, praise the Lord I didn't go (saving Timmy's tip money I still wouldn't have been able to afford a ticket today!), and praise the Lord that no matter where I go, He knows me. And that every morning His mercies are new. And that every fraction of time, He can make me a new creation.

So, while I now know that I don't have to run away from my life, I do still love this song, and this woman's voice, and the thrill of the thought of just going for a great road trip.

Jann Arden--Where No One Knows Me.


Gregson said...

I'm with you; would be good to get away. Going 'where no one knows me' in this city is simply not possible. Being a church organist/drummer at two different churches in a 23 year span makes me pretty well known, and there are literally hundreds of people from my 22 years playing at the ballet studio who still recognize me to this day whether I'm walking down the street or through the mall.
Can't get the song to work on my computer though - the link creates an error on Firefox - any ideas?

Jessica said...

Ahh Jann Arden.. great choice! Good Mother makes me a little teary sometimes...the angsty memories continue! She's got a great hurtin voice though eh?
In another life we should take a road trip together because I'm pretty sure we wouldn't argue about the tunes!

Jessica said...

P.S. Sometimes being in a place where no one knows you is a bit overrated..