Saturday, September 5, 2009

Deal or No Deal?

Setting: idyllic farmers' market. Bustling early morning crowd. The aroma of freshly picked peaches. Vendors calling out their prices for "the market's best corn". Bushels of colour. Children reaching for the plumpest raspberries.

I am looking at melons.

I notice a lovely barrel full of Cantalope. Beside it an equally lovely barrel full of watermelon. Behind these barrels are two vendors. I approach them, and notice the sign advertising the prices.

Watermelons: $1.99

Excellent. I place 2 in my bag.

Cantalopes: $0.75 each, or 2 for $1.50

I pause. That isn't a deal, I think to myself. That's just the same. Cheap, but the same. Not a deal.

The vendor notices my hesitation. "75 cents a piece, or 2 for a buck 50."

"Yes," I say. "That's right. But, that's the same. That's not a deal."

I put 3 in my bag, wondering whether to get a 4th, or put one back and stick with 2.

"I'll give you 4 for 3 bucks", he says.

"I know you will. Because that's the same," I say, incredulous. "That's not a deal..."

I take the four, knowing that it was a good price, but not a "deal". Confusedly, I walk away, wondering if he knew his error, or if he thought I was just very bad at bargaining at the market.

Mental note: Some things aren't cheaper by the dozen. Sometimes buying in bulk isn't any cheaper at all.


Jessica said...

You are so smart with numbers! If someone told me it was a deal I'd believe them! Hence, I'll never be a rich girl..

Duct Tape Chronicles said...

That is too funny. What did the vendor say? Maybe he thought the average customer couldn't do the math so he might as well do it for them?

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

That happened to me at Staples with printer ink. There, though, it was more expensive to buy the 2-pack instead of the single.


Anonymous said...

Our grocery store seems to think the average person can't do much math either ... they are having a cookie sale right now. 10 cents for 1 cookie. *Or* only 50 cents for 5! You could even buy 50 cookies for just $5.00. This is all nicely written out on the sign, along with "24 for $2.40" and "100 for $10.00!" Um. Thanks for those "deals." ;)