Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Heard At My House

Setting: Shopping with my three oldest girls. Purchasing the "first deodorant" for the 2 eldest. (cue trumpet fanfare and pyrotechnics. These girls are EXCITED!!) The third born, 8 years old, is feeling left out.

8 year old A: Mom, can I please have some deodorant too?

Me: No honey, you don't need it yet.

A: Mom, please. I really want some. Why do they get it and not me?

Me: Honey, they are older. They need it, and you don't. One day you'll be older and you can have some too.

A: But Mom, I'm a big girl too. Why don't I need it?

Me: Honey, you don't need it because you don't smell.

A: (suddenly highly indignant) I do SO smell! My nose works just fine. I've been able to smell since I was born!

(mental note: Mom needs to remember to not speak in such a way as to confuse the literalist in the family...)


Onfire said...

and then, heard at *my* house this morning ...
me: ok, last born? deoderant is something that can be worn EVERY day, not just when you leave the house.


halfpint said...

you gave me a good laugh today. I remember walking into Joseph and Nate's room awhile ago and it smelled like a lockeroom so we proceeded to get J3 some.... ah me. That means I'M getting old.