Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Countdown

Well it's not Wednesday, but I can't resist posting another Christmas Countdown video. There are simply not enough weeks in December to get in all these brilliant Christmas videos!

So this one is such a classic. LOVE it. Regardless of the political message in it, the song is genius musically, if you ask me for my non-expert opinion. I'm pretty sure you could sing the phone book to this tune and still feel a tug on your heartstrings.

The best thing about this video from a shallow stand point is going through and seeing how many of the artists' names you still know. Frankie Goes to Hollywood, anyone? :-)

Plus, as I was considering posting this on a Wednesday it was a hoot hearing my daughters ask, repeatedly, "Is that one a girl? Is that one? What about that one?" No, no my dears. This was the 80's when men had seriously pretty hair.



Onfire said...

ah, androgeny ... some of favourites are in this, of course.

halfpint said...

I recognize the really key ones but there are others kind of obscure... what is androgeny :)L.

Barbara said...

There are many obscure ones, indeed. Of course I have my favourites too! Some of them are still around. Some of disappeared into obscurity for sure.