Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Shameful, Barbara, shameful! You missed last week as the first Wednesday of December which was supposed to be week one of the (drum roll, please)

Wow-ful Women Christmas Countdown!

I KNOW!! Aren't you so excited? I know I am, and what a hoot looking for a video for our first entrant.

This Wow-ful Woman was the first one I ever posted and she is a doozy. I could post a new video of her every week for the countdown, I'm sure.

Without further ado, one of my favourite Christmas carols of all time, actually.

1 comment:

halfpint said...

Good choice. I look forward to other Christmas songs... She looks like a real blond. Or is it just a good fake? She doesn't look very old. Or maybe she's my age and just not tired with four kids, ha ha. p.s my hubby fixed my comment problems so you may be able to comment again now.Not that I post very often ;)