Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Telemarketing Fun

My friend, Kristina, just posted a recent encounter with a telemarketer over at her blog and so I felt compelled to share with you my latest experience. Mine is a moral tale: a fable of sorts. Read, and learn.

Me: Hello, this is Barbara.

Telemarketer: [toilet flushing] Hello, my name is...

Me: Not interested. [Hang up, and disinfect ear]

And the moral of this tale:

If a sale you want to make,
And a pee break, need to take,
Please do the last well before the first,
So I don't know, and you don't burst.


Onfire said...

In stinking believable!
You totally win

Barbara said...

I know. I only wish I was kidding.

Tara said...

i have started to tell them that I have some things for sale too, and if they listen to my sales pitch first, then I will listen to theirs.