Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Well, I thought I'd add a fun little feature to my blog. I figure on Wednesday I will post a video of a female singer that I wish I could be as cool as. I have said before, and am only slightly embarrased about it, that I always wanted to be a rock star. So here will be my living vicariously through some seriously talented women singers.

I was going to call this feature "Wicked Women" but thought it might come up on some inappropriate google searches. Or "Women who really Wail" but that sounds like my Postpartum posts....

So we'll stick with my new word "Wow-ful". These women make me say wow. There will be a whole range of talent and style here. Some you will not like. Today's pick I know Kate will like for sure. We've talked about country singers. However, I know Tim has an aversion to "reality singing shows". I've never had the guts to tell him that when we had an antenna, I was slightly addicted to them (especially Idol and Rockstar: INXS...true confession time).

Without further ado, my first installment: I do wish I was this cool.

EDIT: As further proof of my lack of coolness, I just realized I posted my new Wednesday thing on a Tuesday. HOOO-EEE. I'm so clever.

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Kate said...

Barb, I DO appreciate that! You know, I always wanted to be a rockstar as well (or a country star!) Does that make you feel better? Man, do her vocals give me something to aspire to. I wish I could sing that high without switching to my girly head voice. *Sigh* However, I do NOT wish for big hair, but then I'm not from Texas; I rely on my straightener to not look like that!