Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Today's selection is for my kindred heart, Jessica. I know that she will likely get teary-eyed along with me as I watch this for the millionth time since finding it on youtube. Talk about talent, and beauty, and emotion, and WOW-fulness...

But beyond the mere brilliance of a scene from Les Mis, this chokes me up because of what it reminds me of and what time of life it draws to memory. Let me say it this way:

There once was a playwright named Mike
Who wrote several musicals I like.
When I acted those scenes,
I felt just like Fantine.
My wish? an end to his writer's strike.

There once was a stage at West London
Where a certain young Barbara was undone
by the chance to forget
Who she wasn't quite yet
and the hope that her "new me" would soon come.

It was as close as I ever came to this: (get the tissues ready)


Lindy said...

Let me just say I recall sobbing through several of those powerful duets in 'Apart from the King' especially...I can still remember the tune to the finale. You definetly were a star - and I'd be all in favour of the 'writers strike' ending too. :)

Barbara said...

It is amazing how much of Apart From the King especially, but all of the plays generally, stick with me over these years. I still, at my first entirely alone moment with a new baby, sing "Dear little Stranger at last come to see me. So glad you're here. I've waited for so long..." from Apart from the King. And of course I sob each and every time!

Lindy said...

That is a beautiful song... I can't remember much of the words to it but I have a picture in my head of you in a very royal bed singing it...
I'm supposed to put together another slideshow for the next infant dedication in mid-October. Would that song be at all appropriate for such a thing? With perhaps some alteration of the lyrics? Of course someone would have to sing it. :)

halfpint said...

What a lovely song. I will say that I'm glad to be in a chipper mood as I watched it. Certainly not a song for those down in heart! Writers strike eh? Is he moving on to other venues? :)

Jessica said...

I used to go to STA
And look forward to every Thursday
My dear friend Barb would pick me up
And we would venture south to Starbucks..

We'd sit and chat for hours and hours
I'd tell her all my teen angst secrets
We'd talk about life and books and boys
I thought that none could be so perfect...

But the mochas would turn cold
And the cookies all got eaten
And it meant we had to go
But then Thursday'd come agaiiiiiiiinnnnnnn

OK I could go on and on but my poetry skills are lacking some. Anyway thanks for the "shout out" and great song! I always think of you when I hear Les Mis (soaking our shirts with tears!)

Love you lots and looking forward to catching up at Christmas!