Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays


Quite some time ago my dear friend Paula won my contest of "Who knows what is an Oxford Comma" and I promised to give a prize. Just now am I realizing I failed to fulfill said promise. SCANDALOUS!!! I suppose it just goes to prove that you can't believe everything you read online. Bwah hahaha.

Still, the lovely Paula directed me to this next Wow-ful selection. I had not previously heard of this group but now am glad to have become acquainted with them.

So today I have decided to post this video of Celtic Woman, which is a bit of a misnomer as they are actully "women" not "one woman" as well as there are often men in the back ground vocals as well... confusing, no?

However, this selection reminds me of two of my great desires in my quest to be a Wow-ful Woman vocalist: 1) to be able to sing such brilliant harmonies, especially when acapella and 2) to have this most brilliant of a wardrobe and the opportunity to wear it (it is a bit much for a Sunday morning)!


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Anonymous said...

Hey.....I WON that contest??? Wow! I totally forgot there was a PRIZE offered! I am honoured! I would like to thank the Academy...ummm...actually, I'd like to thank Mrs. Hummel, my amazing Grade 8 teacher, for drilling all of that grammar into my head. It's amazingly STILL there! Thanks for promoting Celtic Woman on your blog. They are just amazing. They have 2 CDs and a Christmas CD. The CDs are very hard to find on the shelf, unfortunately. The link to YouTube on your blog kept cutting out on my computer for some weird reason, so may I direct your blog fans to the YouTube website to take in all of their beautiful music - especially from their concert at Slane Castle called A New Journey.