Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long Time No Post

Holidays are like that, yes? All the things you mean to do and want to do get set aside for the urgent. Not that the urgent is bad altogether. Just some things, like blogging, come up a little low on the priority list of church and family.

Allow me then to set a little bit of my current train of thought out here as a intro to 2009.

I intend to read a whole lot more this year. I really love reading all types of books and I often feel guilty for liking it so much. As a busy mom/wife/homeschooler, shouldn't I be doing something "productive" with my time? I shouldn't give myself the luxury of reading. If I enjoy it, isn't it surely wrong?

Fie on that logic!

From here on I will give myself the freedom to see reading as a vital aspect of my spiritual life (so long as my author selections are more often one way than the other: Sophie Kinsella has her place, but not really in the edification department). Our pastor talked on Sunday about the necessity of 'Walking with the wise" through books and I am seeing this as part of what I am missing. Therefore I will be trying to figure out how to include a "books I've read" list on my side bar (no it likely isn't that complicated, but you need to realize my husband just told me today what "ftp" stands for...I'm a little slow on the uptake). If I find a particular book particularly recommendable, I may even just post a review here. Wow. Book reviews. Cool. (Daunting...)

A few themes running continually through my head that will find themselves on these virtual pages are Gratitude, Worship, and Defeating Fear. Stayed tuned!

But of course, I will not disappoint my readers. I will certainly be posting Wow-ful Women Wednesdays regularly. Do forgive my lack of a post last week. CBM assures me that I can be allowed to skip on Christmas Eve, but that I better pick a really good one this week to make up for it :-)

All in all, I hope you are having a peace-filled, hope-full, loved-out Christmas season. And as the New Year stretches out before us, I hope you will join me in looking forward to being a more sold-out, wholehearted, intentional lover of Jesus.

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