Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays


Oh my stars. A couple weeks ago I gave you some homework: remind me of the Wow-ful Women I haven't posted yet but should. My dear friend Jessica commented reminding me of this dynamic duo. She and I used to sing a pretty brilliant rendition of this ourselves while driving in the cool girl van up to Teen Ranch. Yes I was the geeky youth leader and she was the cool teenager, so I tried to win the kids over with my knowledge of angst ridden chick music. (stay tuned for a post on Jewel...).

Without further ado, Tell Him by Celine and Barbra. Celine gets bonus points for being Canadian, but Babs loses a few for poor name spelling. Still they blow most vocalists out of the water so they deserve to be here. Enjoy!


Jessica said...

Correction: You were the cool beautiful youth leader who was studying English at University.. I was the denim clad, braces mouthed youth...
But we were good weren't we?!
Thanks for posting this! I love how "dramatic" these women are!

halfpint said...

I liked singing to this song. Of course I had no one with me so I would have the challenge of trying to do both parts, ha ha.