Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Happy New Year's Eve! For this special, forward looking edition of Wow-ful Women Wednesdays, I thought it would be rad to look back a couple of decades and celebrate the Wow-fulness of three Sirens from the 80's.

I should tell you: my 10 year old, when I told her this idea, said, "Won't all those ladies be dead by now?"


That's coming out of her (non-existent) allowance....

Now I did pick 3 today because really there are so.many specimens of excellence. But I'm starting with the "weakest" of the 3 I picked. This is also the newest, which could say something.

What I want you to notice about this video is the excellent amount of overacting as the Roxette girl (oh no she didn't pick Roxette! Oh yes I did) reaches the climax of the song. I think I'd get kicked off the stage for that. But Roxette boy (do they have names?) is so cool just sitting there on the couch with his spiky hair and guitar at his side. sigh.

Now my final two are really hard to pick between as to "the best". I'm fairly confident that this video I'm putting in second place has a WAY COOLER story to its video. I mean, the costumes, the sound effects, the fire, the angels....well, you better let Bonnie Tyler just show you because "WOW!!"

And last but not least...

This video is just so poetically beautiful. Her make up is remarkable, her voice, the lyrics, the children's choir and it. Although when picking a Pat Benatar song (aren't you just GIDDY with excitement waiting to get to the video!?) there are so many options. I nearly picked Love Is A Battlefield, obviously, but this one I seem to remember crying to a bunch as a kid so it stuck.

Wasn't that the most excellent walk down memory lane? Love it. Now what I should do is make you all comment with your age at the times each video was released. I know that We Belong and I Need a Hero were released in 1984. It Must Have Been Love was released in Sweden in 1987 as a Christmas song, but internationally in 1990 (so it really just squeaks in). Any takers? Any memories of listening to these songs?


Kate Thompson said...

wow now there is some history! the thing that strikes me most is the hair, boys jackets, major eyeliner and SHOULDER PADS!!! who ever evented those and thought they looked good on women? and yes, i had all of the above....big time....don't you just love the drama, the angst oh the memories!!! what a trip Barbara, thanks!!!!

halfpint said...

Happy New Year friend!!!! I hope it will be a productive and meaningful year :)

Anonymous said...

We Belong and I Need a Hero - 14 years old. I remember putting an album (those large round things made of vinyl) on my Dad's well-guarded stereo (the size of a small sideboard and built out of finely finished carved wood) and dancing around the house while my parents were out grocery shopping!

Must Have Been Love - 20 years old and lying around on the basement lamenting my single state that ended about a year later.

Good times! Thanks for a few smiles today.