Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to My Brain

I have been noticing today just how many things are worth telling someone. Well, not really of great worth, but kind of "huh. I could bring *that* up in conversation".

For example, I have shovelled more this winter than quite possibly ever. I know, we all have a tonne of snow, and shovelling is not a new thing. But I've actually done the shovelling. And I've actually liked it! There is even a lesson in it for me. When you stay on top of a project, it is consistently easy to maintain. Now, you should know, Chris is a brilliant shoveller. I am doing it not because he is unable or unwilling. My doing the shovelling has become a part of his "engedi". (You need to search marshillchurch.org for the Peasant Princess sermon series to get all of what that means). He really appreciates it and I really like that so it is well worth the few minutes to get out there every so often.

Next, I think it is totally cracky that my 9 year old thinks that "Amy Grant is such a great singer. I just love that new song. You know, Angels Watching Over Me?" Cracks me up. She is a total singer freak like her mother and is constantly singing her guts out. Hearing these "Christian classics" coming out of her mouth like they are Saturday's Top 20 is a hoot. Retro pop songs. Love it. I'm tempted to pull out my circa 1991 Michael W. Smith VHS. You know, the one where he is wearing a geometrically decorated, highly colourful, dare I say, Painter's shirt? It's a classic.

Also, my brain is consumed with my 2 year old's vision. Ahhhhh. Too much to say. I need wisdom Lord. That's all I have to say about that.

And HURRAY!!! I have all my laundry washed and dried except for what we are wearing this very instant. Love that. Mind you I need to sort and fold the Everest-like pile tonight, but that is what movie rentals and laptops are for. I'll be spending a couple of hours watching some movie I've never heard of whilst folding myself in to a tizzy. good times.

And I almost forgot to tell you! I had a pound of bacon in the fridge and I had to cook it before it went bad (well, like I would let that happen) and I did the smartest thing EV.ER. I baked it in the oven.

WHAT!?!?! did she say she baked it in the oven?

Oh, yes. Yes, I did. Lined my cookie sheets with aluminum foil, turned the oven on to 425F and after a leisurely 20 minutes of blog reading, my bacon was crispy delicious! Then I proudly stuck it all in the freezer for "some day when I want a bad for me omelette" and threw out the foil. Didn't even have to wash the pans. I will never cook bacon in a frying pan again. (mind you, I can't remember the last time I did cook bacon really...)

Also, my wee baby boy just learned to clap. :-) Happy happy momma.

Plus, who decided that the metric system was a good idea? I clearly remember being in school and thinking that all those milli, centi, deci, whatevers were kind of complicated. I know, it is just counting by 10's for the most part, but in the words of Manuel on Fawlty Towers "For you, is easy. For me, is difficult." And then I have to go and try to make it not seem difficult for my Arithmetic 4 girls....although 5280 feet in a mile doesn't make a lot of sense either. (is that even right?)

Finally, I have a confession to make. This is serious. Hard to admit. Ready?

I *heart* Facebook.

I really tried not to like it. First I tried to be the girl who bucked the trends and didn't sign up. Then I just avoided it out of fear. Then, I really tried to be that cool kid who plays along with all those folks who just jump on every trendy bandwagon just to sort of patronize the poor addicts. And that was true of me for sometime, actually. But then something changed. And now. Here I am. Celebrating when I climb the WordTwist Ladder and when I emerge as the victor in Pathwords. Not to mention the constant, incessant, status planning that goes through my head. I haven't resorted to referring to myself in the 3rd person in real time conversation, but I imagine it is only a matter of time.

So for those of you who are equally "in like" with Facebook, here is a great funny little video. Remember the Buffet Song? Oh yes. They have LOTS of videos.

Thanks for bearing with my random happenings today. And enjoy the video.


Steve said...

brilliant video!

Jessica said...

I like your brain!

halfpint said...

Wonderful to know all of those things. Boy could I ever go for a visit and a tea. Great bacon idea! I regret to say that we like our bacon here.....
I've never been on facebook. hugs, L.

timheerebout said...

oh wow I love this. What a great, catchy song! This is the kind of thing I wish I'd written!

In case you haven't seen this it's an equally funny (or funnier) look at life online.