Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

I do believe I have not posted a WWW for 2 weeks. Can that be true? Shocking. Disgraceful. But don't worry! Have no fear! I am back with a doozy today.

My dear friend, Kate, introduced me for the second time to this lovely singer. I say the second time because the first time I heard this lady sing, I had no idea who she was. The only thing I knew was that she was ridiculously fabulous. So Kate suggests a video to me which shows me the name of this girl and now I find my self watching an embarrasing number of videos of her on YouTube.

Previously, I have posted jazz singers here. I have posted more "trained" operatic singers. I have posted Broadway singers. But I have never posted a gal who could do all the same song....from one measure to the next.

Brilliant! Kristin Chenoweth singing 14G.

Well, okay. One more. This is the first video I ever enjoyed of her: Taylor, the Latte Boy. So excellent!


Lindy said...

I *heart* Kristen also! Fabulous picks today! :)
And just because it's amusing, type in "Taylors Response" in You Tube. The first pile of videos are from some show where Taylor the Latte Boy was first introduced (it's the Latte Boy's side of the story...) :D

halfpint said...

I heard of her on redeemed diva. Very funny. Looks like you, Jer and Jess have quite a 'musicals' section going. Jer always says 'never again' about plays/musicals, I never believe him though because it keeps happening ;)