Friday, October 30, 2009


There is something great about having a housefull of under-the-weather but not flat-out-sick kids. You know the days: No one is quite up to snuff enough to do all their school, or to be loud and wild. But no one is quite sick enough to just lay deathly quiet on the couch all day either. Just a mellow, hanging out, reading great books out loud together while snuggling under comfy quilts, and drinking lots of fluids kind of day.

And don't forget the soup.

Mmmmmm...Homemade soup. If you know me at all, you will know that my favourite thing in the world to create in my kitchen is homemade soup. It is so simple, but is so satisfying that you feel like a genius at the end of it all. And it is so comforting, both in the preparation, the waiting, and the eating of it.

My delightful kids even said this morning, "Mom, could you only make us healthy food today?" Love that!

So, into the pot went lentils, celery, carrots, potatoes, kale, corn, green beans, and my own canned tomatoes. And into my home went the most incredible aroma. I think the water was barely simmering when one of the girls said "Oh, this smells so good." We just know that a homey, comforting, satisfying bowl is awaiting us. And it is so hard to wait.

Now the potatoes are softened, the flavours are blended, the tummys are rumbling.

Will this take away all of the coughs and sniffles in our house today? Not likely. But it sure will keep our bellies content while we read the next four chapters in our really great book this afternoon.

And somehow, we'll all feel a little better, and more able to enjoy a peaceful, restful day together.


dani said...

This is so nice! You are such an awesome mom:)

halfpint said...

Now I see how everyone is doing.... sounds great! We had beef stew last night after trick-or-treating and it really hit the spot. :)