Monday, November 2, 2009

And Panic Ensues...

What is it about November 1st that makes me feel like I'm already late for Christmas? There is a vague sense of peace on October 31st that there is still "all of November" to be readied for Christmas, and then somehow, as the page turns on the calendar, I get ready to throw up my hands and say "Well, no chance of me squeezing everything in this year...might as well just quit now."

So here I am on November 2nd feeling the creep of panic and realizing that it might just be a smidge overdramatic of me. I don't actually have a lot to do. We don't go overboard with gifts so there isn't a bunch of shopping to do. I know that I can do all the baking I want to do in one day (which will be fun) and if I didn't do baking (like last year) we will all survive and still manage to gain 5 pounds by eating everyone else's baking.

Plus, then there is the "decorating" bit, which we are fairly meager on around here too. It is always a brilliantly fun night, come to think of it. We eat upscale munchies while the kids do all the work (and then Chris and I rearrange a few things once they are in bed). My biggest work of that night is throwing the cloth napkins in the washer and making sure the apple cider doesn't scorch in the pan. Piece of cake.

And then there are the family gatherings to pencil in, the choir practices, the play practices, and did I mention I still need to educate seven kids in there and not entirely abandon my husband for the next 2 months? Oh, ya. And something about my having registered for my first 5Km run...which might mean I should learn how to run in the next month or so. Hmmm...and possibly, just possibly, keeping up with laundry and sweeping may be helpful. Plus three family birthdays...

Tired yet?

As I'm sitting here this morning seeing only about 8 weeks left until "the big day" I have (shockingly!) blogged myself out of my panic, come to think of it. Suddenly I'm finding myself just really really eager for the fun of baking with the kids (or with a girl friend with whom I could spend a day in the kitchen), and the challenge of learning how to act (because, seriously?), and the challenge of remembering how to sing in a choir, and the routine of daily life to keep me grounded. But mostly, I'm looking forward to the fact that no matter what I do or do not accomplish in the next 8 weeks, Christmas will come.

It will come without stockings, it will come without gifts... (think Whoville!)

And with it comes the most freeing message, that peace on earth is an option! That there is a way to live without fear! That we can have a life full of goodwill towards all men. That's what I want. That is a pretty great antedote to panic, yes?

So bring it on, November! I am ready and excited for the busyness you hold, and the promises that await me!

How about you? What does your November hold?


Lindy said...

I love love love November for all the things it holds (my anniversary, my son's birthday, the smell of autumn, the fact that the air in the morning just seems golden...) but I REALLY love preparing for Advent and Christmas around here. Baking will be an altogether new thing for me this year because it will have to be gluten free (but I WILL figure out how to make a brilliant biscotti anyway!) but at the moment I am trying to plan out my family advent celebrations, since that starts earlier. Do I make up an advent calendar like last year? Do we dare try an advent wreath and candles this year? The kids would love it but I'm thinking fire hazard... Lastly, I'm trying to figure out what I can make for people I love (or since most of the people in my life wouldn't necessarily appreciate finger puppets... what I can trade something I've made for). I really believe traditions are important, they show our children what we value and what sets our family apart, who we are and who we want to be. And spending the time setting apart seasons of our lives with special decorations and food and celebration is a way to set apart a part of ourselves for Jesus too.

I hope you have a *joyful* November. :)

Wendy said...

I love this post, Barbara, and I always feel the same way! Grady thinks I'm crazy to start thinking about Christmas preparations as early as I do, but I think it's equal parts feeling like I need to be on top of all the activities and being excited to enjoy the fun of doing it all. I wish I could come spend the day baking with you! :)

halfpint said...

I have to admit that November is one of my 'not so favourite months' of the year. (no offense to you and Maddy with your b-days of course.) Thanks for your encouragement, I shall try to view it in a more positive light. Jer always proudly puts his poppy on but I don't because of stab wounds and babie's. Onward and UPWARD :)