Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Closer to Fine

Wow, did you really come over here for my insights into this song? Well then, I'd better step it up and have something smart to say :-)

First off, how's this for a fabulous lyric:

"Well the darkness has a hunger that's insatiable.
And the lightness has a call that's hard to hear.
I wrapped my fear around me like a blanket.
I sailed my ship of safety til I sank it..."

I can relate to that. If you've been here any length of time, you've likely tripped across my posts on my tangle with Post-Partum depression. And you've likely also read about how I am highly driven by fear. I'm not going to get in to all of that again today, because though it was real, it will not define me. What I do want to say is that it is so very true that the darkness has an insatiable hunger, and it may well want to devour you.

However, here's the good news that the ladies in this song miss. They say "There's more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line."
I say there may well be many "answers", but there is surely only one truth that speaks to the heart of your confusion and sheds light on your darkness in a way that frees you indeed, fully and completely. His name is Jesus, and no matter what darkness you find yourself in, His is the light and the answer you need. And no, that is not a trite answer. It is a simple truth, with some complex implications.

So you need to know that this is one of my favourite songs of all time, and these ladies are fabulously talented. But they miss the point. There is absolute truth. There is one way. There is someone that answers all the burning questions and makes clear all the messy ideas this world tries to sell. And to say "we looked to the Bible" and to have walked away unchanged means they didn't likely look very long at all. Just this past Sunday my pastor said that in 29 years of pastoring he has yet to find an issue "come across his desk", so to speak, that did not have a resolution in the Word of God.

What questions do you have today? Are you willing to look in the Bible to find the answers? As Easter approaches, are you willing to consider the reality of who Jesus Christ is, and the sacrifice He made, and how that can change everything for you? The lyric says "The less I seek my source for some definitive the closer I am to fine." This just isn't so. The source of our life and our every breath is God the Father who made us and loves us. And so the more we seek him for the answers and purpose of our life, the closer we are to fine, and fulfilled, and content, and at peace.

I know, I know. Pretty deep thoughts for a Wow-ful Women Wednesday, but I didn't want to leave these things unsaid today. Thanks for reading...

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