Thursday, March 4, 2010

An Open Letter

To the Two, Beautiful Teen-Aged Girls I Just Saw at the Store,

You are lovely. Really. You are super cute in your skinny jeans and puffy jackets with your little co-ordinating scarves. You are truly adorable. Your hair is perfect, your make-up is perfect, your smile is perfect, and even your manners, with the cashier and with this strange old woman (me) behind you in line, were perfect.

I think you are probably super nice girls.

But please try to convince me that one of you *really* wanted that small container of pomegranate seeds and a green apple for lunch. And that the other one of you *really* wanted those two hard-boiled eggs for lunch. Period. With nothing else.

Really? I remember being 16, and I'm pretty sure that none of those items were ever on my list of cravings. Pretty sure that none of those items were foods I requested for my birthday party, or grad party, suppers.

I also remember being 16 and "losing" 20 pounds one month by exercising excessively and eating virtually nothing. And then gaining 35 pounds back the next month. It wasn't fun. And the person I was trying to impress didn't even notice.

I know, I know, Pomegranate seeds are very rich in antioxidants. And I enjoy a good, crunchy Granny Smith as much as the next girl, and sure eggs are high in protein and good for energetic people blah blah blah. But do you really think that is enough calories to sustain you? Enough calories to help you remember what you are studying? Enough to make you feel full until supper tonight?

Maybe I'm old and grumpy. Maybe I'm jealous that even when I was 16 I didn't look like you. Maybe I don't know as much about nutrition as I think. But let me sound like your mom for a minute: You are seriously lovely girls from my first impression of you. I would hate to see you hurt yourself in this way over a jean size or two.

Tomorrow could you at least sprinkle those seeds or slice those eggs on top of a salad? This whole thing makes me a little worried for you, though I don't know you, and very careful of what I will try to instill into my girls as they are rapidly approaching your age.

Thanks for listening. I know you probably disagree, and I wish I could convince you, but you really are lovely. And whatever little tiny goal you have? It won't make you happy.

An Old Woman who Noticed.

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halfpint said...

I am sorry to hear that you did that to yourself in highschool friend. Sorry that I did too.What we women do to ourselves. Sell ourselves to the god of self,vanity,pride,the world. If only I had "guarded my heart the wellspring of life" so much could have been spared. May we raise beautiful little women (with an emphasis on inner beauty and a heart that seeks after God.)