Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Have I posted this one before? I should have. Can't believe it has taken me so long...If only I knew the message this song presents when I was in high school... or university....or...

I am so inexpressibly grateful that it isn't up to me to become beautiful enough or holy enough or kind enough or just enough or anything enough. It is the righteousness of Christ draped over me, wrapped around me, saturating me that allows me to stand in front of the Lord, clean and acceptable and beautiful. I don't need to try any harder. You make me beautiful. You make me stand in awe. You are beautiful, Lord. That's all that matters.

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halfpint said...

Thanks for sharing friend. So wonderful to know that I am beautiful in His eyes! I remember the days of knowing and feeling I would never be good enough. Now I can rest secure that He covers it all.
We received some nice letters here. I think J3's return one(s) are turning into books. Hugs. L.