Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wow-ful Women Wednesday

Ah! I'd forgotten about this song. If you saw a girl driving a Blue Corsica in the summer of 1997 through the streets of Santa Rosa, California looking like she was screaming in the driver's seat, it was actually me singing this song. And every other song on this cassette *ahem*.

This is Christine Dente and her husband Scott in their band named Out of the Grey.
I heart this song. Every little bit (but especially from about 3:30 to the end)

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Anonymous said...

Well, that song is new to me (As most ones you post are) since my musical exploration is limited after all! I have that book you mentioned in your other blog, just on loan. Haven't read it. Maybe I'll take a gander since you mentioned it. I did the test things with the kids. Always good to get to know them more. My parents are FINALLY back. L.