Wednesday, June 6, 2007

This Was a Great Read

I know many of you HSB people get the Homeschool Minute in your inbox already, so maybe you've read this. However, I felt Todd Wilson's bit today was particularly stellar. The topic for the day was "Friends" and I loved his perspective. Here are his words:

Hey Mom,

This is going to be a short one. I'm parked in a McDonald's parking lot at about a 30-degree angle and my laptop is about to slide off the table. I know the "girls" will have gobs of advice for growing and nurturing friendships: it will probably have a lot to do with tea parties, scrapbooking, and "feelings."

My only thought about friends is - make your husband your best friend. Don't let any other girl friendship displace your man from being number one. It's easy to let happen, because "he" doesn't think, feel, or understand like a woman.

I know my wife will sometimes say, "I'll call my sister, she'll understand."

When she does, I can't help feeling a little like second-rate goods. I know other husbands feel that way too. A friend of my wife's announced her pregnancy to my wife before she told her own husband. I know he wouldn't have screamed and sounded as excited as my wife did; but that's beside the point.

So, Mom, don't let another friendship overshadow your friendship with your husband. Here's a little way to tell if one already has: ask your husband who he thinks you'd rather talk to and be with --- him or "her."

If he says "her," do whatever it takes to show him he's number one on your friendship list.

The Lord made man and woman different, but both in His image. As much as a girlfriend is a wonderful blessing from the Lord, He intended for us to be completed and fulfilled by our spousal relationship first. Perhaps 'needing to share with a girlfriend' is just one more tool in the arsenal of our enemy to destroy marriage.

Lord help me to use my friendships wisely and to not let anyone come between me and my husband.

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