Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heard At My House

9 year old daughter: Okay Mom, just tell us the truth. Are you pregnant?

Me: (having a little trouble breathing suddenly) Um....No. Truthfully, really, not.

9 yo: Well, the baby is 1 now and usually around now you are announcing things.

Me: (feeling a bit lightheaded suddenly) Um....Nope. Really not.

5 Year old son: Really? Because you are a little fat.



Kate said...

Wow. What, um, perceptive children you have. They are so funny! I love that you think to jot these things down to remember them.

For the record, you look neither pregnant nor fat, to me!


ps. I've seen a few houses for you to buy. They all have the same great selling feature: they are close to me!

Kate Thompson said...

I'm with Kate, (says Kate) you do not look at all like you should be making any announcements! Except of course to say, the house is sold and you are moving our way!!!!

Kids, shesh they keep a little too real sometimes huh?

onfire in PNG said...

listen, said son also thinks I look the BEST when I am wearing a dress or skirt.
he just needs to get out more ...

halfpint said...

O.k. all you people, listen up. Barb actually is thinking of buying a house closer to ME. I mean it would be way more practical for Chris to commute farther, spend more gas money, deplete the ozone layer. The options are limitless. Well, I suppose I will settle for the fact that she IS at least moving closer...sniff.

Melissa said...

Ok that's a story you have to share at Caleb's wedding of things not to say to your wife :)