Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

It isn't every day that I walk in to a store and hear something coming over the speakers that makes me stop my conversation, and interupt the store clerk, to say "Who is THAT!?"

Well, such was my experience this weekend.

Here is who I discovered. And pardon my ignorance if she is well loved by you all. Oh but my stars can this girl sing. I have a dream that one day someone will invent a pedal board for voices like all you electric guitar players have. Except instead of "Overdrive" and whatever else you guys have mine will have "Christy Nockels", "Sara Groves", and "Scottish Accent" as options that I can tap with my foot.

Without further ado, here is Amy MacDonald. What a voice! Not to mention some really catchy tunes. Hope you enjoy her.

And another:


Jessica said...

I have been listening to dear Amy since I moved to Germany! I love love love her! My fav is "A Wish For Something More.." but This is the Life is pretty great too!
Awesome Wednesday Woman! Very enthusiastic thumbs up from over here!

halfpint said...

You're back! I look forward to hearing about it. I haven't heard of this singer I don't think. I am definately a hermit though.

timheerebout said...

Here's a vocal pedalboard. No Sara Groves or Scottish accent settings though:

Barbara said...

Seriously Tim? How cool is that? I would love to have "Lush reverb" as a descriptor of my voice (even if it came from a box...). So did you have time to write that into the budget before you put your bit into the annual report? :-)