Monday, February 2, 2009

5 Things I Learned Today

Before 10 a.m. this morning, I have had quite a number of enlightenments flit into my brain. Who would have thought that in one morning I would learn that:

1. Exercising in front of a mirror is a painfully depressing and yet somehow motivating experience (motivating as in "Oh dear. I can't go on like *that* any more).

2. Muffins made with flour I ground myself are way yummier.

3. Grinding flour is a bit of a pain in the butt, and if I had to always grind grain, I'd bake muffins a whole lot less frequently.

4. Thinking your coffee is still hot and finding out that it is bone chilling cold really turns you off of the desire for another cup.

5. Bullets that go through the washer and drier thankfully do not explode.

So there are the first 5 things I learned this morning. How about you?


halfpint said...

Bullets!! Ahem Mr. Postma..... grinding your own flour! Mrs.Postma? The exercising in front of a mirror doesn't work when you run or walk ;) what an interesting place you have there. I've only learned the usual... having company makes dishes and therefore school falls behind... hope you got my e-mail.

onfire in PNG said...

... and again, just to reiterate, this will never happen at *my* house, but I would like to try one of those muffins, or another batch. I am inclined to consider a pasta maker, though ... you know me and breads

timheerebout said...

seriously? Bullets? Rad!