Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thinking Back to the Most Beautiful Blizzard.

Today my baby turns two. It has made me flashback to the details of his birth and the lessons the Lord taught me at that time. I realize that reading birth stories is not everyone's cup of tea, so feel free to skip this link if you want to. Maybe reading someone's birth story would be highly unhelpful and hurtful to you today, and I don't mean to stir up any painful memories for anyone. However, Zachary's birth stirred up a lot of ugliness in my heart too, at the time, and I am grateful today for the reminder of what the Lord showed me through the details of Zach's arrival, and all that led up to it.

So if you are interested, please join me in reliving this day in history.

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halfpint said...

I wrote at the old spot, hee hee. Guess you'll have to go there! L p.s still haven't called that guy (I don't like calling people really!) Running????