Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Today I come to you with such a profound sense of struggle and disappointment. I had not one, but TWO classic, genius, superb duets in mind to post today, both of which I would have dedicated to my sister, with whom I ROCKED THESE SONGS (have I mentioned that I love Karaoke...and singing into hairbrushes...and terrifying fellow drivers with my animated car-singing?). Alas, it was not meant to be. All the versions I found on youtube were sadly lacking in both visual and audio quality. Also remarkable was the fact that the one duet in particular, my sister and I sang with much greater gusto than the chanteuses on the videos. I have not given up! I will look for them again and try next week. Until then you can wait with baited breath, spending sleepless nights wondering what songs I might have been meaning to show you.....ooooh the suspense!

However, in the meantime, here is an exceptional track. Several good things about this: the vocals are so fun and pretty. The dresses are astounding. The message to young single women is outrageous. And I can vividly recall my dear friend Jess and 3 other lovely gals from our Senior high youth group doing an "Air Band" to this version of this song, taffeta included.

So without further ado: Wishing and Hoping.


Jessica said...

oh dear!.. i think i still remember the whole routine... and kinda wondering if that was my one shot at being a bride! :)

halfpint said...

I really enjoyed this video the first time I saw it. I thought the dresses were dreamy. The message is awful for sure. One of my favourite movie clips is when 'he' sings 'Someday' to her on the boat...fabulous truly. It melted my hard heart.