Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wow-ful Women Wednesday

So I was talking to my good friends Kate and Joy the other day and we got talking about all our favourite old girl bands from the WayBack years. You know, all the things we'd sing at Karaoke if we had the chance. There was of course Pat Benatar, who has been posted here before) and The Bangles, and Wilson Philips.

But...but ...BUT!!! how did we forget the Go Go's? Seriously. I am splitting a gut here laughing with the happy memories of this song, and this video, and knowing full well that every dance move I ever used (other than my Janet Jackson moves, of course) I learned from Belinda Carlisle, and truthfully, I likely (read, 100% certainly) still dance like this today, not that you will EVER be subjected to the real life visual of that.

Plus, I know, with great certainty, that I had this exact sweater, in cream. And I KNOW with equally great certainty that I just gave it to Goodwill last month. (resisting the urge to go find it and buy it back. Look how slimming it is! Man.)

Enjoy! I know I am :-)

Head Over Heels -- The Go Go's

Been running so long
I've nearly lost all track of time
In every direction
I couldn't see the warning signs
I must be losin' it
'Cuz my mind plays tricks on me
It looked so easy
But you know looks sometimes deceive

Been running so fast
Right from the starting line
No more connections
I don't need any more advice
One hand's just reaching out
And one's just hangin' on
It seems my weaknesses
Just keep going strong

Head over heels
Where should I go
Can't stop myself
Outta control
Head over heels
No time to think
Looks like
The whole world's out of sync

Been running so hard
When what I need is to unwind
The voice of reason
Is one I left so far behind
I waited so long
So long to play this part
And just remembered
That I'd forgotten about my heart

1 comment:

halfpint said...

Man, they look like they are from a space band. The lead looks like she is going jogging in big earrings. Now tell me Barbara....did you show your shoulder too when you wore this??? I couldn't get my volume to work but it looks marvelously entertaining.