Thursday, November 16, 2006


I don't really intend on writing twice a day, but I just was walking through my house, room to room and realized that I needed to get something out.

My husband is a really wonderful man.

There I said it. In fact I would go so far as to say that he is the best man in the whole world (our old pastor hinted at that same thing when he was unofficially setting us up).

Let me tell you why I believe he is the best man in the whole world. I cannot walk through a room in my house without seeing his fingerprints. The hand made wooden candlesticks in the dining room and bedroom; the newly finished flooring on the stairs (carefully and meticulously caulked); his photographs in nearly every room (both landscapes and family portraits); his guitar in our living room; his Bible by his chair ever ready to be studied; the toilet that now flushes (!); the trees and flowers planted with care outside; the playground lovingly built for our children with the help of Opa; the pesto and basil-flavoured-walnut oil in my fridge that he let me buy at an expensive store on the anniversary weekend he wanted us to take;...I could go on.

Still the point is this: some of the fingerprints speak to his creativity, some to his practicality, some to his extravagant love for us. He leaves no stone unturned in trying to meet all our needs and to paint a picture of Christ for us.

At our wedding, the same pastor, mentioned above, reminded my husband that although he'd likely never have to take a bullet for me, he would be given the chance to lay down his life for me in the little things every day. This he has done beautifully. Don't get me started on all the things he loves and excels at that he has set aside for this season of life. And then I could write another whole page on how I see his fingerprints (and by that I mean Christ's through him) all over our children!

Now if my husband reads this he would want me to put a disclaimer in saying "he's not perfect". So let me tell you: he's not perfect.

But about that last bit, you can't believe everything you read online.


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