Thursday, November 16, 2006

too slow

Do you ever have that dream where you really need to run fast, because, I don't know, something's chasing you (usually in my dreams someone has stolen my children and I am desperately trying to get them back). And no matter how desperately hard you try, you just can't run fast enough? (sometimes in my dreams I use my hands on the ground too, gorilla style...very attractive).

Today I'm just feeling like my spiritual life is kind of like that. I see where I want to be, need to be, and I just can't run fast enough. I'm not talking about trying to speed through life so that you miss out on 'stopping to smell the roses'. I'm talking about being held back by ''stuff'. Sin. Doubt. Misunderstanding. Circumstances. Sometimes you don't even realize that you are running slow until someone passes you.

Lord give me the freedom to run unhindered. Give me the pace I can sustain. Give me blinders so that I don't compare myself to others or turn to the left or the right.

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