Monday, March 10, 2008

By The Numbers

My dear friend Steve who is blogless, (but boy would I LOVE to read a blog by him. It would be most funny and excellent. Of course, I'm pretty sure he doesn't read blogs either, but still) inspired this post. He was emailing us about something Cell Group related and mentioned he was off to do laundry. They do 10 -12 loads a week he said. Then he shuddered wondering how many we do with now 7 children.

So I thought hmmmm, how many loads do I do? And how much of other frequently done things do I do? Hence this post (I used the word "Hence" for my dear friend Mike, who also doesn't read this blog, but his daughter does, so maybe she'll tell him that I'm often inspired by him too).

Looking Back on This Week (Mar. 2-9) By the Numbers

10 Dishwasher Loads

41 Diapers Changed

15 Cups of Tea (aren't you surprised it wasn't more? because seriously.....)

15 Ounces (that Zachary gained! Praise the Lord)

9 Double Rolls of Toilet Paper Used (this most assuredly would have been greater on a normal week, but there was only 1 full day this week with all 7 kids home. My brilliant inlaws had 2-3 of the kids at other days of the week)

500+ Chicken Pox marks popping up all over the kids (Wish I was kidding. honestly... the baby is 4 weeks old now, and sleeping not too badly. Let's just shake things up with an epidemic....I was planning on posting a picture of their backs, but that's just cruel and truthfully a little gaggy.)

5 Coffee (actually, not coffee so much as Melange and other espresso based drinks...all decaf of course!)

and now, what we've all been waiting for .....

20 Loads of laundry (which is actually less than I expected)

This is a great exercise to change your thinking if you ever are feeling like you are a big fat lazy do nothing housewife with no excuse for being tired all the time. You say "wow, I did a lot this week". Except then it is a tad depressing to realize that your life can be summed up in laundry and paper products...not to mention I'm sure some green-minded lurker will read this and blast me as being proof that a large family has a large carbon foot print, but hey too bad for them because when my kids get jobs they'll be paying their CPP....

Cheerio! Off to do more laundry. It is Monday again after all.

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