Friday, March 14, 2008


You know you have children and only children with you all day when...
We just spent our entire breakfast discussing the differences, both negative and positive, between TVOKids and KidsCBC.

Particularly interesting was the heated discussion regarding the hosts of the in-between segments (CBC won hands down for their humour and lack of condescending talk).

However, we did come to agree that TVO airs some of our favourite shows. But even in that area it is a bit of a draw. You see TVO has Peep in the Big Wide World (my personal favourite), Dora, and Bear in the Big Blue House. However, CBC has Tractor Tom and Peppa Pig (both being closely in line with my favourite), both being very funny British cartoons.

Overall, the debate was quite amiable, and all parties walked away having been heard and respected. Of course, interesting to note is the fact that we haven't had an antenna hooked up for 3-4 months and no one has noticed the lack of TV.

My only wish is that this same level of thought and willingness to share opinions will extend to the days when we can compare Jane Austin novels to one another, or discuss the merits of one Shakespearean sonnet over another.

And in the same way that the children now recite and have entire conversations based on the script of The Aristocats and Nanny McPhee, I hope one day for them to quote monologues from Henry the Fifth (complete with accents and hand gestures, of course).

They will grow up. I just hope I can keep up with them.

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