Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One of the things my thinker is thinking

Remember the Dr.Seuss classic "The Glunk that got Thunk"? Love it. Anyhow, here I am still thinking and posting for the second time today.

But I thought you might want to know (as enquiring minds are wont to do) about what I am thinking.

Years ago, possibly nearly a decade ago, Mike preached a mother's day sermon on Psalm 128 and I have in my bible written in pencil (why pencil? I don't know, but I may need to go over it in ink) "Mike's Definition of The Fear of the Lord": You need 1) A Personal Knowledge of God 2) An accurate view of oneself 3) A Personal Knowledge of Christ and His work 4) A Genuine Dread of Displeasing God

So I'm thinking about this today, and how, sadly, my fear of man often overrides my fear of the Lord. I suppose for me I should rearrange those 4 points. Perhaps I should dwell on my genunie dread before I meditate on the work of Christ because otherwise I end up in the Pits instead of in freedom.

However, what I would like to know is when will Mike preach on the fear of man. I'll give him the summer to think about it, but it would be a wonderfully great way to start my fall. Or perhaps Jer could use that as his topic when he guest-speaks this summer. I'd ask my husband to preach on it when he guest-speaks but I'd just die if he said "As an example: I know this woman who is so stuck in the fear of man....": As all eyes turn to the blushing, weeping woman in the crowd it might be a bit obvious about whom he is speaking. Now mind you, both Mike and Jeremy know me well enough to use me as a sermon illustration, but hopefully the congregation would assume they were speaking about their wives instead.

As Kristina and I love to remind each other often: The fear of Man is a snare. And a mighty strong one indeed.

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