Monday, June 23, 2008

An Intelligent Post for A Change

I read an interesting bit of educational stuff yesterday.

Did you know that these are aphids?

Well, guess what I learned? A female aphid gives birth to 3-4 live babies at a time.

every day.

until she dies.

Mind you she only lives about 28 days, but you do the math: That's dang close to a hundred little babies.

No wonder we have SO many aphids on our tree outside. They multiply like rabbits....except moreso. I may need to rethink my metaphors.

But here's the thing: I betcha that no aphid says to that momma "Don't ya know what causes this?" "You should get cable" "You must drive a BUS" because you know what? THEY ARE ALL DOING IT!!!

Yes those aphids are surrounded by likeminded bugs who are all reproducing at ridiculous rates. Did you know that at the rate a momma aphid has her babies, and her daughters following in her footsteps and so on, that one aphid is responsible for 1 heptillion descendents (that's 24 zeros if you were wondering). No one asks her "what about over population?"

Don't get me wrong: this is not my "and so I've decided to have another baby every year until I hit menopause". And it is also not a "why aren't you all having 7 kids like me" soapbox. This is simply an observation of the natural world and the freakish largeness of what God has called aphids to do.

Sometimes he does that. He creates things to do stuff that just looks weird to everybody else. And when he calls them to it, He says it is good. I'll take that.

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