Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wow-ful Women Wednesday -- Birthday Flashback Edition

It is my sister's birthday today. Happy birthday! So in honour of her and her birthday, I knew that I *had* to find a video of a duet that she and I would do when we were kids. There are so many options (each one more ridiculous than the last).

I mean, do I pull out Whitney and her mom singing "I Know Him So Well"? It's a good one, but the video quality is very, very poor. So no. And we did it better driving in her K-Car anyway. She was Whitney. I was Cissy.

Then there is Kenny Rogers and Dottie West...but I'm tryin' to keep it clean around here :-) I won't even tell you how young we were sitting in the backseat, driving across the country for family vacation singing that one. She was Dottie. I was Kenny.

So here is the other option, and I think it is the best. Pretty sure we sang this around the organ. That's right. My sister is a very talented musician and singer. But she and I both started on the organ. And then I quit (story of my life) and she carried on to do much more musically. But picture us. At the organ. Singing this song (followed by "Memory" from Cats, and a selection of songs by Air Supply. I can't make this stuff up, people).

But do please note the ridiculously large stage they are on. And how ridiculously in her personal bubble the guy is. Wow. Can you imagine singing that close to someone? Awkward.

Here, for the Diana to my Lionel, is Endless Love. Happy birthday, J.

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Anonymous said...

I can't bear to watch it ;) I'm sure your version had to be better. halfpint