Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wow-ful Women Wednesday

My apologies for getting this song, in particular, stuck in your head today. Sometimes we get pretty heavy around here on Wednesdays. This isn't heavy like that.

At all.

This is just "heavy, man". If you get my drift. And if not, well, then just shove me in the shallow waters before I get too deep. That's what I always say

This song makes me laugh. 1988. Really? Wow. I was 13. And I had her hair. Except with bangs. You know the kind: Curl two rows back and one row forward, then spray with as much hair spray as possible. Sadly, I kept that hair style far, far too long.

What is particularly Wow-ful to me, at this phase of life that I'm in, is how long Edie Brickell can stay in a squaty-crouch position without losing all sensation to her calves or having her knees lock up and prohibit her from standing.

Enjoy. :-)

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Kate Hunter said...

This is funny. I mean, "Heavy, man." Still love Edie Brickell and now my kids listen to her. For the sake of context, I was 19 in 1988, which was also the year we were married. I, too, had the hair. Thanks for the laugh.