Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wow-ful Women Wednesday

Have you ever asked the question "Why do bad things happen to me? I'm a good person. What is the point of this trial?"

My pastor has answered that question for our congregation by saying, "It is happening to refine you and make you more like Christ. It is happening to teach you to know how to comfort someone else who will go through a similar pain. And it is happening for a thousand other reasons that you may never know."

I've always loved that. There is a great comfort in knowing that there are bigger things at work than my puny life. There is a great comfort in knowing that my pain isn't being wasted.

Sara Groves wrote about this other brilliant female songwriter today. Christa Wells is a new name to me, but I am glad to have found her. And this song in particular.

A thousand things are happening in this one thing, she says. What will be the fruit of the experiences of your life? You may never know. But praise Him through it, and trust Him to use it.

Christa Wells -- A Thousand Things

And then go and read this blog post by Christa Wells. Just tripped across it. Love it.


Rhi said...

I like that thought a lot. I've just started reading my first Elizabeth Elliot and what has most struck me is that tough situations are gifts. Gifts to refine us and to help us find our identity in Christ and Christ alone. To give us a fuller picture of what we are saved from and to increase our affection for Jesus. A perspective I need to daily remind myself of. Perhaps one of those phrases to write on the bathroom mirror. :)

Jessica said...

Beautiful! So good to be reminded of this. Another song I often find helpful in darker days is Casting Crowns "Praise you in this storm".
So good to know there are purposes in pain even if we don't understand.

Anonymous said...

good to see you again my friend, I am always happy to know what is on your mind and in your heart!halfpint