Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My favourite band

I've been asked a couple of times to post a video of something original I've written, or to post a video that I'm in. Well I thought today I'd post a video of the team I play with at church.

Now you can see why our building needs renovations:


onfire in PNG said...

all I get is a nice, white, square. not video.

Lindy said...

I love the mupppets. :)
This still doesn't get you out of posting something original you've written, though! I'd love to hear that too... :)

halfpint said...

What a great group, very talented. They should go pro and stop letting there be so many strings attached. moi ha ha. Ugh. Say, I'm reading the second part of that Pride and Prejudice book which I mentioned to you sometime ago. Mr.Darcy indeed! I think my eyebrows are permanently lifted. The author must have been into Harlequin or something.

timheerebout said...

for a going away gift I would like a white top hat please.