Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Well lucky me. I had considered posting a Wow-ful Women video of both of these women individually and then yee ha, I find them together on one video. Now mind you I might just still have to post them individually at some point to really highlight them both but it is pretty excellent hearing these two together.

There are just some voices that blend so beautifully together. More than just being able to find the right notes together, there is the need for a seamlessness of tone and timbre (ooh. nice use of a 75 cent word). I think these two ladies nail both those aspects.

Plus it is one of my favourite sappy songs that you are sometimes embarrased to admit you like because of radio over play, but there you have it. I *heart* this song!

Allison Krauss with Shania Twain (WHAT! I know. Fantastic!) Forever and For Always.

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onfire in PNG said...

you are so right. I was stunned to find them together since I can generally leave Shania out of my list of people to listen to. I have always loved Allison ... we have a cd of her with Union Station and also one of her with YoYo Ma. This song is beautiful.