Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

Happy April Fools' Day!

April 1st always brings to mind T.S. Eliot's poem "The Waste Land" due to it's opening warning that "April is the cruelest month". I've always loved that poem. All of it. Even the "Shakespearean Rag" bit, which seems slightly out of place.

That poem always reminds me of my first year English prof at University. She told us we were not to called her "Mrs." anything, or "Professor" anything. She was a grad student, and we should call her by her first name: Romaine. Leave the lettuce jokes at home, she said.

She and I didn't always get along so well, and she nearly wrecked Eliot for me. I can't read the lines "Why do you never speak to me? Speak, speak" with out hearing her do her nagging wife routine, all nasal and bitter sounding. Shame, that. I liked that bit best until then, and heard it in an entirely different way until Ms. Romaine shared her perspective.

Regardless, she clearly left an impression on me, and she didn't fail me, even though she didn't like me much. Perhaps I was jealous of this lady who was doing what I always thought I'd do: be the cool English Prof at some cool University, sitting on tables and inviting my students to sit with me in the Grad Lounge someday.

But I digress:

The other thing that is coming to mind today because of "The Waste Land" and that class is the music I was listening to at the time. I had of course just been done with High School where a cool guy I knew introduced me to Kate Bush. Then in first year English class a different cool guy introduced me to the old Kate Bush stuff.

And so, I am posting Kate today. But I had to pick a newish one. I decided on Don't Give Up, the excellent duet with the highly excellent Peter Gabriel...sigh. I was going to post "Wuthering Heights" but that is a seriously weird video. Not to mention what I used to think was an etheral and romantic vocal effort on that track sounded way more screechy and piercing this morning.

So in an effort to not be too weird, I'm posting this lovely duet. Mind you my kids were all "Who wants to hug for 6 minutes and 13 seconds with out stopping? That's weird." and "Are they married? Because seriously, who hugs someone who isn't their husband for that long. Weird." Clearly my kids aren't all "physical touch and closeness" people.

Maybe Kate Bush is just plain weird. And maybe I am for liking her. Maybe you like her too.

Oh what the hay. Here is "Wuthering Heights" too. Just don't say I didn't warn you. (and someone should tell her to avoid the "dancing" Especially of note is the "speed skating move" at 1:42. Excellent. Okay, but true confessions, I still really do like this song. I'll be humming it all day!)


onfire in PNG said...

hmmmm, which part? "Heathcliffe, it's me, Kathy, I've come ho-oh,woh ome?"

I had an english teacher in high school that I loved way more than any professor I ever had to pour through books with. he used to sit on his desk, or even stand at times, and he would play us the most amazing vinyl on his diamond needled record player. ravel's bolero was one of his favs (and neal just picked up the record last weekend)
kate was another ...

halfpint said...

Heh lady. I liked your doormat post. Very soul-searching.On a side note I am only done April's now. Only four more to go... unless???? just kidding. Did I mention I started a (bigger)birth thing for Katie just after she was born. Still need to finish the words, wash, iron and frame. The bookmarks are way easier though. It's good you aren't holding your breath or anything. Jer would be into this poetry post. :) hugs.