Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wow-ful Women Wednesdays

This video has nothing to do with what is going on this week in my life. I usually try to have things line up a bit. However, today is merely entertainment value. The lady is this video is thoroughly brilliant. That goes with out saying.

Gotta love Sarah Brightman. Could her eyes be any more gorgeous and expressive? But I posted this version of a well-known song for the surprise value. You'll never believe (at least I sure didn't) who she is dueting with...with whom she is dueting...whatever. He is equally amazing in a different way. It is a shock to me. Who knew?! And if you say to yourself "is that...? No it can't be..." it absolutely is! Brilliant!


Lindy said...

Did you ever watch the movie version of Evita? He stars in that opposite Madonna... :) Thanks for the video, love Sarah Brightman!

halfpint said...

wow! Who knew indeed. He has those intriguing eyes that suit the 'phantom'