Saturday, October 4, 2008

A Great End To the Week

After I felt the love from my comments on the last post, I have been in the mood to count my blessings. So let me share with you the highlights of the end of this week.

The gift from the inlaws started a good thing. Thursday night my parents came to babysit so Chris and I could go on a date night but prior to our departure, Mom and I went to the ladies' clothing store in town where I tried on a cool denim skirt (as opposed to a typical homeschool denim skirt....yes, there is a difference). And here is one of the highlights: I grabbed a size 12 as usual, and (wait for it) IT WAS WAAAAAAAY TOO BIG!!!!

And I mean way too big.

So I tried on a 10 which fit, but was almost too big as well. This is good news. Maybe the reason they were on sale is that the sizes were cut wrong. But even so, it sure felt good to be a small 10.

I wanted to check out to see if there was any good news on the scale when I got home due to my excitement with the size 10 and wouldn't you know, I am down to where I was when I got pregnant with my 5th! Yee haw. It was a number on the scale I haven't seen in over almost 5 years. Now we are into happy happy mode! What a great motivator to stick with the hard work I'm trying to do in the "less of me" department.

Supper and date with Chris were bliss and we both thoroughly enjoyed having an actual conversation about things other than kids: we discussed church life, ministry opportunities, work changes and our hopes for moving closer to church. It was so nice to just sit and talk and hold hands... wonderful.

Then, Friday came and Chris had the day off which is unreal and unusual. We were packing him up to go on the Church's men retreat but before we said goodbye we snuck some time to watch another episode of Band of Brothers, which is the theme of the retreat. How great to steal an hour (in the middle of the day) of snuggling in front of the laptop watching a DVD. Even if it was a shoot-em-up kind of movie. It still works in the 'date mode' because the whole time I am watching these soldiers risking their lives for one another I am thinking "my husband is man enough to do that. I have the bravest, strongest husband in the whole world."

But as Friday wound down to the end of its hours and we had to take Chris to the drop off point for his ride to the retreat the biggest highlight of my day came. I helped him carry his stuff up to Jason's door and with Jason standing there, my husband, the bravest, strongest, most romantic man in the whole world, leaned over and gave me a kiss public. With another guy watching. Amazing. Do you know what that says to a wife? It says "I am not ashamed to be married to you. I think you are so great and I will miss you so much that I will hug and kiss you goodbye even when the guys are watching." That was sexy. Can I say that on this blog?

He tells me and shows me he loves me a million times in a million little ways every day, but that,... that little kiss and hug was just the thing to send me swooning. That guy that made my head spin and my pulse race in 1995 when I first met him still gets my pulse racing today.

And now as I am missing him and waiting for his Sunday return, I am living out the old adage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder". All in all it is a great way to end the week.


halfpint said...

That's so great that you and Chris had a chance to just 'be.' I am happy for you. Also excited for you to see 'that number' again. Keep doing your hard work :) I assume your hubby gets home today and that he had an awesome time bonding with the guys! hugs L.

Barbara said...

The only difference between now and 1995 is that now there is more of me to love ;)