Friday, October 17, 2008

Heard At My House

Background Information:

I have a precious 2 year old daughter named Victoria. We call her Tora or Tori. When she was born we considered calling her Vicki, but it just didn't suit her. So she gets Tora alot. And Victoria, when I'm serious of course. Any how, this wee two year old smartie pants has recently begun pointing at her self and saying "I Vicki". To which I respond, "No, I thought you were Tora". "No, I Vicki".

So, after a brief negotiation, she now says "I Vicki too". She has come to the compromise that she will respond to either Vicki or Tora or Victoria. How congenial of her.

Now onto Heard At My House: The How to Talk to Yourself Edition.

Tora: Aaaachhoooo (sneezing)

Tora: Bless you Tora.

Tora: Thank you Vicki.

Tora: You're Welcome Tora.

Wow. What was that about talking to yourself being the only way to get intelligent conversation?


timheerebout said...

Melissa and I both agree....funniest moment of our day. Thanks Tora and Vicki!

Jessica said...

That is so cute! I suppose this saves her from talking to imaginary friends.